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Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Happens If You're Sick during the CPA Exam?

You plan, you study, and you practice MCQs until you can't think and then the big day comes and you have the flu. You have been off work for four days.  You took two days off to cram for the exam.  You took the last two days trying to just physically exist!

Nonetheless, CPA Exam day came.  I was unable to reschedule the exam for a day when I wasn't so sick.  My "authorization to test period" had expired.  I proceeded to take the Exam.  I decided to give it my best effort under less than ideal conditions.

Additionally, since you are forbidden to bring ANYTHING into the testing room, I had to repeatedly leave to get a tissue and cough drop losing valuable time from completing the FAR section.

Needless to say, I did not pass.

So much built-up stress is created by worrying about the CPA Exam and then trying to work through that day.  Even though I did not pass, that level of stress is gone because I now have experienced the testing situation and know I will pass on my next effort.  I do not look forward to sitting for another four hours to take FAR again but have the "get back on the horse" attitude.  

My time during the holidays will be spent reviewing and practicing questions in between eating fruitcake and drinking eggnog.   I will be ready for round two!

Kerry - guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Season of Giving Giveaway Winner - Joshua Parsons

Congratulations to our Season of Giving Giveaway winner, Joshua Parsons!

Joshua is a graduate of West Virginia University at Parkersburg and works as an accountant in public housing.  His desire is to take the CPA Exam as the next step towards obtaining his CPA license and to further his career in accounting.

Joshua believes that by winning the Roger CPA Review course, he will have a solid foundation from which to study for and pass the CPA Exam - the next step for him becoming a CPA. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Reason I Passed BEC

Finally!  December 9th. The day when CPA Exam scores were released.  That day couldn't have come any sooner for me.  On that day, I found out whether or not all of my hard work and studying for the CPA Exam had been worth it.

As soon as I hit "refresh" on my browser, I saw that I had passed the final part of my CPA exam.

I must admit that after I saw my passing score, I had a few tears in my eyes.  All the hours of studying and sacrifice, as well as my family's sacrifice, had finally paid off.  I was done!  I still have to take an ethics exam along with having my employer document my work experience before I can get licensed as an official CPA, but now I feel like the weight of the world is off of my shoulders.

Originally, I had been concerned about passing the final part of the CPA Exam because I was unable to complete all of my review materials. However, instead of focusing on what I didn't get to review, I decided to do an overview study of all of the review material and focus on what I did know.

Another major reason I know that I passed the final two parts of the CPA Exam is because I switched CPA Exam review courses in the middle of my studies.  Switching was crucial for me being able to pass both AUD and BEC.  My advice to you is if your review course is not helping you pass the CPA Exam on the first or second attempt, try another one.   Roger CPA Exam proved invaluable to me.

- Steven, guest blogger for Roger CPA Review

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Hour, One Point and the CPA Exam

The daughter of one of my colleagues is also preparing for the CPA Exam.  She  graduated from college and took the entire summer break to prepare full time for the CPA exam.  To be frank, I am a bit jealous because I have to handle both work and study at the same time.  I know a lot of candidates are suffering a similar situation: work during the day and study at night. Feeling exhausted with this schedule is absolutely normal.

Obviously,  if we don’t study, we won't pass. So, how do we keep ourselves motivated?

When I'm not feeling up to studying after work, I usually tell myself that one hour of studying equals one point on the CPA Exam. I know that the conversion rate is not quite this simple.  Many people do say, that in order to pass, an individual must spend at least 100 hours on each subject.  From this aspect, one hour does mean one score point or one percent likelihood to pass!

Try this trick the next time you want to hit the bed without studying. It works well for me. I hope it will give you incentive to work that additional hour, too!

- International guest blogger, Crystal.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 7 Not-So Obvious CPA Exam Tips

You hear a lot of information being given out about the CPA Exam – mostly the basic facts, such as scoring and format. But what aren't they telling you? 

Watch this 15-minute webcast, presented by Senior Business Alliance Manager, Mitra Wilson, to learn some less commonly addressed CPA Exam tips to make sure you are well informed before Exam Day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What to Do during CPA Exam Blackout Months

December is a CPA Exam blackout month and although you cannot sit for any exams for the whole month of December, don't let the month go to waste! Use this month as a time to study and be ready to sit at the beginning of the next testing window.

How to stay on top of your game:

1. Get organized! Keep CPA Exam review materials with you at work or close by when at home. That way, when you have a few free moments or a break, you can test yourself.
2.  Stay focused! Now is the time to really start studying for the CPA Exam without any worry about testing centers or scheduling. Take this time to focus on what needs to get done before the testing window opens up again.
3. Increase accountability. Most people will be more likely to complete a task if they are accountable for them. Tell your friends or a family member your study plans and ask them to test you on multiple choice questions (MCQs). Form a study group so that you have a set date and time that you need to stay focused with others on the same path.
4. Get plenty of sleep! The month break gives you extra time to study but also time to get some extra sleep. Lack of sleep affects your ability to retain what you're studying.  Be sure to get the rest you need to keep your mind fresh for studying.
5. Manage your time. You have one whole month to spend studying.  Don't waste it! Set up a distraction-free study area and schedule time to sit in that area to study. Identify the time of day when you are most alert and productive and use that time to focus on the areas of the review material that you find most difficult.

Tools to increase study efficiency.