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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Win a FREE Wiley “Focus Notes” Android or iPhone App

At Roger CPA Review, we know firsthand that you can never have too many study tools to study for the CPA Exam. Therefore, we’re raffling off Wiley Android and iPhone Focus Notes Apps for FREE to Roger CPA Review students or students signing up within the next week! These On-The-Go gems are newly released with 2011 content and extra features and we’ve got plenty to go around!

All you need to do is gush to all of your friends on Facebook or Twitter (or both!) about how fabulous we are! Easy enough, right?

Here’s how it works:

  • For Facebook: Post a message about why you love Roger CPA Review or link to one of our YouTube videos. But, be sure to “like” us and include @Roger CPA Review in your post so we can see your review!

  • For Twitter: Tweet about us, linking to our website or YouTube videos. Don’t forget to include @rogercpareview #cpaexam at the end of your message so we know we’ve been tweeted about!

This offer lasts until April 27th!

Remember, as Roger says, you don’t have to be a genius to pass the CPA exam; you just need discipline and solid CPA study habits! With Wiley’s Android and iPhone Apps, increase your odds of passing by studying On-The-Go!


PK said...

Wish I saw this earlier! I would've loved to do this!

AnnieKat said...

crap I missed it. Taking BEC (my second time -scored 74)May 27th. If you have extras for the iphone email me:

Roger CPA Review said...

I'll let you both know!