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Friday, March 2, 2012

Roger CPA Review Student Success Story

We’re so grateful for all of our wonderful students who have provided insightful testimonials accounting their experience with Roger CPA Review. Cue the “Chariots of Fire” and go nab some tissues…this one's are real tear jerker!

“I graduated from Western a few years ago and at the time that I wanted to start studying for the CPA exams I hadn’t yet landed a job at a firm that would pay for a review course. Luckily, I learned about Roger CPA Review through Beta Alpha Psi and found out that it cost almost a thousand dollars less than the other companies!  This right away convinced me to choose Roger as my review course, and until this day I am very happy with my decision.

Roger makes studying for the exams as painless as possible. The books are written in a way that you can read it and actually get all of the main points without having to read a million details. There are lots of good diagrams and flow charts to help illustrate ideas. I did the USB Course and found his lectures engaging, and at many times entertaining! Who would’ve thought? I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. The stories and examples he gives are catchy and stick with you. I can still remember several of the jingles such as “TT-BPO-75 or 90” for lease rules.

I passed all of the exams on my first attempt, achieving scores well over a 75. The best part was, I always left the exams feeling adequately prepared from the materials Roger taught me. Not only did Roger make it easy for me to pass the exams, he made areas of accounting that seemed so challenging in college straightforward and intuitive. This has helped me out a great deal in the real accounting world, as it really fine tuned the knowledge I learned in school.

Don’t think twice about choosing Roger CPA Review. It’s cheap, entertaining and very effective…how can you beat that?”

-Angela Wahlroth, MPAcc Class of 2009

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